Mirrors, Scripts and Trims

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Ghia Side View Mirror Seal 66-74 (141-857-539A)
Ghia Door Mounted Side View Mirror Seal, New Reproduction Part Fits a 1966 to 1974 Coupe or Convertible. Part No 141-857-539A
$2.50  Inc Tax
Ghia Side View Mirror Seal, 56-65 (141-857-539)
VW Karmann Ghia Fender Mounted Side View Mirror Seal, new reproduction part fits 1956 to 1965 Coupe or Convertible. Part No 141-857-539
$6.00  Inc Tax
Trim Frame Sleeve Aluminum T Shape, 66.5-74 (143-853-309A)
New Reproduction Part , Rear Window Molding Trim Fits a 66.5-74 Ghia. Part Number 143-853-309A.
$4.50  Inc Tax
Interior Rear View Mirror Complete Kit (151-998-139B)
New reproduction, the complete set of interior rear view mirror with base, dome light, bulb and screws fits a 68-79 Bug Convertible , 68-79 Super Beelte Convertible and 68-74 Ghia. Part Number 151-998-139B.
$149.50  Inc Tax
Ghia Door Scraper Molding, Lt or Rt, 72-74 (141-837-471)
New Reproduction Door Scraper Molding, Left or Right Side, Fits a 72-74 Karmann Ghia Convertible. Part number 141-837-471.
$125.50  Inc Tax
Ghia License Plate Light Molding (141-943-193A)
New Reproduction VW Ghia License Plate Light Molding, fits for a 1958.25 to 1974 Convertible or Coupe. Part Number 141-943-193A.
$20.50  Inc Tax
Fender Mounted Complete Stainless Side View Mirror, 56-65 (141-857-513A)
Karmann Ghia High Quality Original Style Fender Mounted Stainless Steel Back Rear View Mirror, With Brass Lock Nuts, Stainless Steel Washers, Reinforcement Plate, Gasket. Fits a 1956 to 1965 Ghia Coupe or Convertible. New Reproduction Part No 141-857-513 A.
$59.95  Inc Tax
License Plate Light Housing Unit Molding End Clips (141-943-203APR)
A Pair Of New Reproduction License Plate Light Housing Unit Molding End Clips Fits a 56-74 Karmann Ghia. Part Number 141-943-203APR.
$6.95  Inc Tax
VW Front Nose Emblem 56-58 (141-853-601 )
Early Model Front Nose Emblem Blue Glass with Chrome, New Reproduction Part for a 1956 to 1958 Ghia. Part Number 141-853-601.
$94.95  Inc Tax
Ghia Door Window Channel Retaining Strip Clip, 56-59 (141-837-485A)
Door Window Retaining Strip Clip fits a 56-59 Karamnn Ghia Coup and 58-59 Karmann Ghia Convertible. Required 7 per door or 14 per car. Part Number 141-837-485A.
$4.75  Inc Tax
Window Trim Frame Sleeve, Steel, C Shape, 56-66 (143-853-309)
C Shape Window Trim Frame Sleeve, Steel, Fits a 56-66.5 Karmann Ghia . (Required 4 per car.) Part number 143-843-309
$21.95  Inc Tax
Rear View Mirror Mount WScrews, 68-79 (151-947-133)
New Reproduction VW White Rear View Mirror Mount With Screws, Fits 68-79 Beetle Convertible, 71-79 Super Beetle Convertible,68-74 Ghia Coupe or Convertible. Part Number 151-947-133.
$18.75  Inc Tax
Ghia Door Panel Interior Trim Molding, Lower, 56-66 (141-853-103)
New Reproduction Door Interior Trim Molding, Lower, 830 mm (32.75 Inches) Finishing, Fits a 56-66 Karmann Ghia. Part Number 141-853-103.
$24.95  Inc Tax
VW Side Badge Clamp Seal, Pair, 56-79 (141-853-615PR)
VW Side Badge Clamp Rubber Seal fits a 60-79 Beetle Convertible and 56-74 Karmann Ghia. Part Number 141-853-615PR.
$1.95  Inc Tax
Rear Hood VW Script Clamp Plate, 4PC, 63-65 (343-853-615ST)
New Reproduction Rear Hood VOLKSWAGEN Script Clamp Plate, 4 Pieces Set, Fits a 63-67 Bus, 68-72 Bus, 63-65 Karmann Ghia and 66 Type 3. Part Number 343-853-615ST.
$3.25  Inc Tax
Ghia Door Window Scraper Molding Clips 61-71 (141-898-335)
VW Karmann Ghia Door Window Scraper Molding Clips, 5 Pieces Per Set, One Set Does One Door, Part No 141-898-335. New Reproduction For A 1961 to 1971 Ghia.
$10.50  Inc Tax
Horn Button, Wolfsburg Crest Emblem, Gold (113-415-669BGD)
VW Karmann Ghia Horn Button with Wolfsburg Emblem, in Gold Crest. New Reproduction part for a 60-71 BUG, 60-71 KARMANN GHIA, 62-71 TYPE 3, 71 SUPER BEETLE. Part Number 113-415-669 BGD.
$34.95  Inc Tax
VW Karmann Ghia Dash Script, 67-74 (141-853-911)
VW Karmann Ghia New Quality Reproduction Dash Script, fit for a 1967 to 1974 Model. Part Number 141-853-911.
$16.95  Inc Tax
VOLKSWAGEN, Rear Hood Engine Lid Emblem, OEM, 66-74 (113-853-687KOE)
Brushed Finish, Rear Hood "VOLKSWAGEN" Emblem, OEM, Fits a 67-77 Beetle Sedan, 67-79 Beetle Convertible, 71-77 Super Beetle, 66-74 Karmann Ghia and 67-73 Type 3. Part Number 113-853-687KOE.
$57.50  Inc Tax
Nose Emblem Clamp Plate, Pair (141-853-611PR)
New Reorpduction Nose Emblem Clamp Plate, Pair , Fits a 56-74 Karmann Ghia. Part Number 141-853-611PR.
$2.75  Inc Tax
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